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July/August 2016

After the surprising collapse of the dream ticket, the Conservatives must choose a leader who can offer optimism and hope
The referendum on the European Union has released demons which even the doom mongers had not foreseen. No sooner had David Cameron committed hara-kiri than Boris Johnson, hitherto the most unlikely candidate for political suicide, followed suit. Jeremy Corbyn has lost the confidence of his parliamentary colleagues, and some Labour MPs wonder aloud whether their party has a future. Significant developments which in normal circumstances might dominate the news are crowded out by even more seismic events, and so are barely reported. It is impossible to know from which direction the next thunderbolt will strike, and only a fool would predict with any certainty what is going to happen tomorrow.
"Fascinating and highly attractive possibilities open up post-Brexit if we stop panicking and use a bit of imagination."
We must be prepared to defend our civilisation’s values with policies muscular enough to protect us from the growing totalitarian threat
The American establishment pays court to the Oval Office, but now the masses outside the Beltway are turning on their lords and masters
As the prison population ages, more and more elderly, often disabled inmates are left in their cells, unable to cope yet fearful of release
The last of the Angry Young Men of the 1950s has died. What is his lasting legacy?