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January/February 2015

The 44th President of the United States replaced Pax Americana with a new world disorder. Will the 45th learn from his mistakes?
Last April, two months after the Maidan Revolution of Dignity had displaced Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and a few weeks after Vladimir Putin had annexed Crimea, a major player in the unfolding drama of Ukraine called me to talk over the volatile situation. It seemed that Putin, having blithely ignored Russia's treaty obligations by ingesting a chunk of his neighbor's territory, might not stop there. So toward the end of our conversation, my Ukrainian friend asked, "If this gets very bad, can we count on the United States?" To which I could only reply, "I'm mortified to have to say it, but prudence demands that my answer be ‘No' — at least until January 21, 2017."
How does the Kremlin exploit Russia's long tradition of absurd conspiracy theories to control public opinion? By confabulation
The injustices of devolution will be even more pronounced if the Smith Commission’s proposals are adopted. The constitution needs reworking
Owen Jones and Russell Brand peddle an anti-establishment world view that powerful secret cadres are in charge and getting away with murder
The Left is paying a heavy price for its cowardice towards Islamist fascism. The state is demanding new powers to deal with the threat
Online speech is over-regulated. The police have better things to do than round up those who say offensive or insulting things on social media
When Palestinians killed five people at a synagogue in the Jerusalem suburb where my son lives, the response was admirably restrained
Like the poet, Patrick Leigh Fermor was a dashing man of action and letters and a hero to the Greeks for his wartime exploits in Crete
Enchanting fresh flavours at Skye Gyngell's Spring in Somerset House