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May 2015

Enemies of Western civilisation claim that our lives lack meaning. If so, the cause may be our detachment from our religious roots  
It is as well to admit when your enemies are onto something. Today the antagonists of Western culture and civilisation throw many accusations at us — almost all of them untrue. They say that our history has been especially cruel, whereas it has been no crueller than any other and significantly less cruel than most. They claim that we act only for ourselves, whereas it is doubtful if any society in history has been so unwilling to defend its own or more ready to assume the opinions, and fill the pockets, of its detractors.
The voting patterns of religious voters in Britain are more complicated than they first appear. Politicians should stop treating faiths as bloc votes
Maurice Glasman’s agenda for the common good draws on religious and secular traditions. It has lessons for both the Right and the Left    
Voters north of the border are gripped by a nationalist mania. The SNP’s zealotry means I no longer feel as at home there as I once did
Whatever the result on May 7, Labour candidate Naz Shah’s campaign against George Galloway has revealed divisions among Muslim voters
Robert Halfon’s campaign for re-election in marginal Harlow may offer solutions to some of the Conservatives’ biggest electoral problems
Obama’s foreign policy has been defined by a failure to hold his ground against determined foes. The deal with Iran is his latest capitulation
The case for memorising verse is often dismissed as nostalgia for the bad old days of rote learning. But memory lifts poems off the page.
The writer’s notes on Greek tragedy are as stimulating as her novels — so she’ll be Daisy Dunn's guide at a feast of ancient drama in London this summer