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October 2016
"We are all living with the consequences of the great American abdication of the last decade."
October 2016
"One of the principles of public service is that it does not just consist of a race to the top with the resignation of those who lose"
April 2016
"Far from being the harbinger of a more transparent and law-abiding Iran, the Zanjani trial is just an attempt to settle scores"
October 2016
"What does Brexit mean? Two main options are emerging: the single market option and the free trade option"
June 2013
‘Temporarily withdrawing from the human rights convention in order to deport Abu Qatada would be absurd’
March 2014
Abortion is a subject which never goes away and the arguments remain fundamental — a woman's right to choose versus a child's right to life, as each side would advance their case. And yet the technical and clinical
October 2016
Private festivals avoid the absurd interpretations of classic operas that shame the subsidised sector
July/August 2016
"Death in Venice is the best book ever written about the nature of creative talent"
May 2015
"The Humboldt Forum is a spectacular idea. But it will take the right intellectual architect to pull it off. We will have to trust Neil MacGregor"
January/February 2011
Life in Birmingham as a vicar’s wife opened our Mole’s eyes to what has become of Britain’s second city
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November 2015
‘You cannot measure the success of a city by the number of coffee chains it can support’
October 2016
"Must the garage have a Nespresso bar? Must the library and the swimming pool do shawarma and chips?"
October 2016
Nerve-wracked by competitive cooking shows? Calm yourself with a cannibal cook
July/August 2016
Leonhard Euler was the presiding genius at the courts of Peter, Frederick and Catherine the Great
October 2016
A modest philanthropist, Rex Sinquefield, is behind the US's triumph at the World Chess Olympiad
October 2016
How drunken disorientation propels Bel Ami's protagonist to self-advancement
April 2014
It gets to the point doesn't it — where you're trying to "do the right thing", whatever that may be. Lead a decent, middle-class life — and yet somehow whatever you do, it's morally wrong. You know? It's
July/August 2015
Despite everything, the BBC is still one of our great cultural forces
July/August 2011